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Tips on improving your health

Getting well

One of the key goals of physiotherapy is to help you get well after injury or illness and return to a former level of comfort and function.

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Keep excess weight off to improve back and knee rehabilitation

Often overlooked is the positive impact weight loss can have on physical rehabilitation and recovery. Read more →

Weight related back problems

Common sense and scientific studies tell us that overweight and obese people have the greatest risk of back problems and the worst recovery rate. Read more →

Knee Problems

A popular rule of thumb is that every kilo of weight loss is equivalent to four less kilos of pressure on a knee afflicted with joint osteoarthritis. Read more →

Drink more water

Just about any important health-related goal is achievable in part by drinking more water. Read more →

Rotator cuff injury treatment options

When the rotator cuff muscles become injured, certain everyday functions such as raising your arm above your head become difficult or impossible. Read more →

Total and partial knee replacements

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a degenerative disease that wears out the cartilage of the knee, leading to pain, difficulty walking and deformity. Read more →

Overcoming shin splints

The term "shin splints" refers to pain along the inner side of the shinbone or tibia. It is an injury that is seen frequently in runners. Read more →


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