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Tips on improving your health

Staying well

Getting well is one thing, and staying well is another. Staying healthy, fit and pain-free does not need to be a chore. Articles in this section cover topics to help you stay well.

New articles are added here on a regular basis, so check back frequently.

In this section

Learning to recognise and cope with the stresses in your life

While a certain level of life stress is normal, even beneficial as a reaction to positive events, too much negative stress can trigger serious health issues. Read more →

Three reasons to keep all your physiotherapy appointments

Physiotherapy appointments are an integral part of the recovery and rehabilitation phase. This is where the vital "legwork" is done to set you on the course back to complete health. Read more →

Good nutrition: beyond food pyramid models (part 2)

The Healthy Eating Plate is a mainstream approach to healthy eating that claims to be based on the latest nutrition science. Read more →

Good nutrition: going beyond government food pyram

Although MyPlate has received praise for its emphasis on fruits and vegetables, many critics believe it isn't enough to reconcile the latest nutrition science with actual recommendations. Read more →

Stay smart about your spine

Your spine is made up of three main regions: the cervical spine, the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine, which bears a great deal of the body's weight and is vulnerable to strain or injury. Read more →

Look after your knees

Knee pain is a common reason for seeking physiotherapy. Because of its location, function and anatomy, the knee is more susceptible to injury than any other joint. Read more →

Keeping lower back pain at bay

Some people suffer from chronic back pain and have resigned themselves to accepting this as their fate, however with the help of physiotherapy, back pain can be eliminated. Read more →

Swimming for fitness

Are you looking for a fun, easy way to boost your metabolism, improve fitness and endurance and lose weight? Then try swimming. Read more →

Walking; simple yet effective exercise

Whether you are an athlete in the prime of life, an elderly person or someone recuperating from an illness, walking is one form of exercise that nearly everyone can, and should, participate in. Read more →


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