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What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system developed as a result of a combination of exercise and strengthening techniques by Jospeh Pilates. Joseph was born in Germany in 1880, he was a sickly child, but into his teens became a keen athlete involved in skiing, gymnastics, diving, martial arts and Yoga. Jospeh went on to become a professional boxer, circus performer and self-defense instructor where he developed a passionfor teaching others how to exercise. In the First World War, Jospeh was involved in the rehabilitation of injured soldiers. During this time, he developed a system of strengthening using springs and resistance devices that allowed bed bound patients to exercise. It is this work that is believed to have inspired the modern day reformer and trapeze.

Jospeh later moved to the United States and further developed his work expanding into the dance community. Many dancers, actors and athletes were sent to Pilates for rehabilitation, strengthening and 'balancing'.

The Physiophix Pilates reformer studio and Woongarrah

Today, Pilates emphasizes core stability and correction of movement patterns. It differs from traditional strength training programs and utilizes low load, high repetition and skill acquisition to recruit and train desired muscle groups. This makes it ideal for the rehabilitation of both acute and chronic injuries.



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