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Physiophix is a registered provider under the NDIS. Our Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologist and Therapy Assistants work together to help you reach your goals!

Our Team are experienced in treating chronic back and neck pain, rehabilitation following a stroke, progressive neurological disorders, cerebral palsy and injuries sustained at work.

Our rehabilitation gym at Toukley is popular with our NDIS clients as it provides a safe and private environment in which to increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Joshua, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist can provide you with an independent exercise program or if more supervision/assistance is required, one-on-one training.

Physiophix now has Therapy Assistants to assist in rehabilitation of NDIS clients. Our Therapy assistants can help with land-based exercises; gym-based programs in our clinic or other external gyms; and hydrotherapy. If transport is an issue, our Therapy assistants are more than happy to visit you at home or assist with transportation to our clinic or local hydrotherapy pool. 

Current NDIS clients include those following a stroke, amputees, wheelchair clients, Down's Syndrome, muscular dystrophy and other disabilities.

The initial appointment under the NDIS generally involves a discussion of your needs, setting of goals, a physical assessment and formulation of a Service Agreement and Schedule of supports. If you are happy with the agreement, treament can commence soon after.

If you are interested in accessing our NDIS services, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Call now on 4396 1999.


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